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Biodiversity Strategy 2008

The Biodiversity Strategy is a document to help everyone implement and stay on track with ensuring all natural resources are being managed for the long-term benefit of all.

It identifies the key environmental assets in the Falkland Islands and the species and habitats most at risk of extinction.  It them proposes 45 action tasks that need to be implemented in order to protect the environmental assets and ensure that we have the resources for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren to live in health and happiness forever.

The proposed action tasks are grouped under four themes:

Theme A: Protecting the general environment

Theme A action tasks address processes that threaten the whole environment generally and are thus focussed island-wide and at the ecosystem level

Theme B: Protecting priority species and habitats

These tasks focus on activities required for priority species and habitats.  Theme B tasks address the same threatening processes as those under Theme A but effort is focussed on particular species, sites and user-groups.

Theme C: Protecting our genetic resources

Under Theme C, actions target the management over the use and commercial benefits arising from the genetic resources of our native species.

Theme D: Driving the Biodiversity Strategy

Theme D action tasks address the management and administrative tasks required to keep the strategy on track and being driven forwards.

Most of the action tasks to use our environmental resources wisely are already implemented in the Falkland Islands by landowners, the general public, businesses and FIG.  The key to the strategy is that it identifies the priority issues, species, habitats and areas where we need to direct our attention.  The Biodiversity Strategy identifies to FIG and other organisations how much environmental funding is needed and to where it should be allocated.

The Falkland Islands Biodiversity Strategy

Biodiversity Strategy Review 2011

The Falkland Islands Biodiversity Strategy should be read in conjunction with the:

Falkland Islands State of the Environment Report 2008.